The APLH course syllabus will include:

Licensing Law

  • The terms used
  • Licensing authorities
  • Licensing objectives
  • Licensable activities

Personal Licence

  • The definition of a personal licence
  • The application process
  • The key responsibilities of a personal licence holder
  • The relevant offences
  • The legal duties and consequences

Premises Licence

  • The definition of a premises licence
  • The application process, operating schedules, hearings and appeals
  • The review process
  • Mandatory conditions
  • Authorised licensable activities
  • The role of the designated premises supervisor

The Protection of Children

  • The law relating to the sale, purchase and consumption of alcohol by under 18s
  • The proof of age scheme and other forms of identifying the age of a purchaser
  • Test purchasing and consequences
  • The law relating to the admission of children on licensed premises

Powers and Enforcement

  • The powers held by police and environmental health officers to close licensed premises
  • The right of entry and search by authorised persons

Temporary Events

  • What is a permitted temporary event?
  • The criteria which applies to temporary events
  • The powers of police to object to a temporary event

Responsibility in Alcohol Retailing

  • Definition of an alcoholic drink
  • Strengths of alcohol and the effects of alcohol
  • The law regarding violent crime
  • Conflict resolution best practice
  • Principal of responsible promotions

APLH Course Details


"Open" courses are arranged on a fairly regular basis, I have a course confirmed for Friday 16th November which will take place in Yeovil - Somerset,some limited spaces on client courses do become available, in addition sessions can be arranged in most parts of the country and often at short notice, if you would like to attend or arrange your own course then please contact Derek Robinson on 07768 600037

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided but candidates will be required to bring along a packed lunch.


The examination is a forty question multi-choice paper with a pass awarded for achieving 28 correct answers.

The duration of the examination is one hour, if anyone has special needs then you should bring this to the attention of Derek Robinson when making your booking, most reasonable requests can be accommodated


The awarding body for this examination paper is HABC - Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance

The qualification is accredited by both Ofqual and the Secretary of State at the Home Office, and has been designed to meet the statutory requirements of the Licensing Act 2003. Furthermore, whilst comprehensively covering the full framework as set down by the government, the HABC APLH qualification is extremely straight-forward, user-friendly and free from unnecessary jargon. It also provides excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

Course Duration

The course duration is approximately six hours with breaks taken through the day.

Proof of Identity

You will be required to bring a recognised proof of identity otherwise you will not be allowed to sit the examination.

Acceptable proof of identity will include one of the following:
A valid passport, a UK paper driving licence, a UK photo card driving licence, a valid EU photo identity card, ID/warrant card issued by the police or HM forces.
A list of other permitted proof of identity documents will be given on confirmation of the booking.


Results are normally available within 4 to 5 days of the examination and the certificates are normally sent within seven days.


The individual cost for attending this course will be £120 inclusive.
The cost includes attending the course, the examination and certificate fee, a seventy-two page colour APLH course handbook and various handouts which include the Personal Licence application forms and guidance notes.

For groups of 3 or more then please contact Derek Robinson (07768 600037)to discuss arranging a course.


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